FNPL Reports


P. Piot, "Evaluation and correction of nonlinear effects in FNPL beam position monitors", Beams Document 1870-v1

Y.-E Sun and P. Piot, "Improved emittance measurement system for the flat-beam experiment at FNPL", Beams Document 1870-v1

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P. Piot, "FNPL activities report for FY 2004", contribution to FNAL Workbook 2005


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N. Barov, J. Li, R. Tikhoplav, "Replacement of A0 laser oscillator", Beams Document 1342-v2

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P. Piot, "Summary on difference orbit measurement from week of May 17th, 2004 [A0 photoinjector]" Beams Document 1191-v2

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J. C. Wennerberg, "FNPL BPM system RAM module readout software", Beams Document 1156-v1

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T. Berenc, "Calibration of the RF Power Monitors for the Photoinjector Laboratory RF System" PDF file, spreadsheet


K. Bishofberger, "FNPL Spectrometer Recalibration" PDF file

M. Kuchnir, W. Hartung, E. Hahn (FNAL), P. Michelato, D. Sertore (INFN, Milano), "Photo-cathode preparation system of the A0 photoinjector" PDF file


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