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Mike Syphers

Research Professor (retired)
Department of Physics
Northern Illinois University

last updated October 2022

Accelerator and Beam Physics at NIU

The NIU Accelerator and Beam Physics research group participates in a wide variety of projects and investigations into the efficient acceleration and transport of high intensity particle beams for research at accelerator facilities around the globe.  The faculty and research team pursues studies in high performance beam physics computations, beam instrumentation and diagnostics, and the theory and experimental verification of fundamental particle beam dynamics.  Several faculty members have joint appointments with national accelerator laboratories and collaborate with colleagues around the world in high-priority accelerator projects and accelerator-driven experiments in a variety of disciplines.
Contact Information

Department of Physics
La Tourette Hall
Nothern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL   60115

msyphers at

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Textbook  ---  An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators
                       by D. A. Edwards and M. J. Syphers;  John Wiley & Sons (1993)    PhysAccs

Publications  ---  inSPIRES   arXive  JACoW
Laboratory Reports  ---    Fermilab-Beams-doc  Muon g-2 docs 

Recent Projects ---   Muon g-2   srEDM   Mu2e  FCC Study   REDTOP   Polarized Proton Beams

Research Group          Chicagoland Accelerator Science Traineeship

Recent Teaching

NIU -- PHYS790D (2019)  PHYS659 (2017f, 2017s,) (2016)

USPAS --  Storage Rings for Precision Physics Applications (NIU, 2019)
                 Fundamentals (ODU, 2018), (U. Texas, 2016 ), (ODU, 2015), (U. Texas, 2012)
                 Design of Electron Storage Rings (MSU, 2012)

Other -- CERN Accelerator School (Zurich, 2018)
              Exotic Beams Summer School
  (ANL, 2017), (ANL, 2012)
              Hadron Collider Physics Summer School  (FNAL,  2012)

MSU -- PHY 232 (2014) (2013) (2012); PHY 905 (2011)

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Mike Syphers
Northern Illinois University


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