PHYS 630: Advanced Optics

PHYS 630: Advanced Optics (Fall 2008)

Syllabus of Tuesdays and Thursdays lectures

      Introduction (1 lessons)

o      Course organization,

o      Ray Optics

o      Helmholtz equation


      Beam Optics (3 lessons)

o      Introduction

o      Gaussian Beams

o      Other solution of Helmholtz equation

o      Short duration beams

o      Alternate method for describing a beam: covariance matrix and M2


      Fourier Optics (4 lessons)

o      Hamonic analysis of a signal

o      Amplitude and phase modulations

o      Transfer function of free space

o      Optical Fourier transform

o      Diffraction & Interference

o      Image shaping

o      Holography


      Electromagnetic description of light & propagation in matter (7 lessons)

o      Light in vacuum

o      Theory of electromagnetic beams

o      Light guiding

o      Absorption of light & Dispersion

o      Optical phenomena in nonisotropic media

       Dichroism and birefringence

       E-field effects

       Acousto-optics effects

       B-field effects


      Lasers (5 lessons)

o      Interaction of light with matter

o      Laser dynamics

o      Steady-state

o      Pulsed laser beam

o      Amplifiers

o      Example of laser systems


      Other light sources (1 lesson)

o      Radiatio from moving charged particle

o      Synchrotron radiation, Undulator radiation

o      Free-eletron laser

o      Thomson scattering


      Nonlinear Optics (4 lessons)

o      Nonlinear optical media

o      2nd order optics

o      3rd order optics

o      wave mixing

o      high harmonic generation

o      self focusing and phase modulation


      Introduction to Statistical optics (2 lessons)

o      Statistical properties of random light

o      Interference of partially polarized coherent light

o      Transmission of partially coherent light through optical system

o      Partial polarization


      Introduction to Quantum Optics (TBD)