D0 Run II Results

Physics results from Run II are at the D0 summary page. NIU has been involved in searches for leptoquarks and supersymmetry (including a scalar bottom quark and a charged Higgs), for measuring the top quark branching fraction into taus, and for some rare b-quark searches. Five NIU Ph.D. theses (and 15 MS theses) have been obtained using D0 data. The work of some of our NIU D0 physics analyses are summarized in:

  • Third generation leptoquark and scalar bottom quark production (S. Uzunyan and A. Zatserklyaniy 2006, S. Uzunyan and D. Hedin 2010)
  • Massive Stable Particles (M. Eads 2005)
  • Search for excess dimuon production at large radial distances (M. Williams and D. Hedin 2009)