Elementary Astronomy PHYS 162 - Fall 2019 - Sect 1 Online Astronomy Course


Provides general education credit (Origins and Influences Pathway).

This course covers the science of the stars and other heavenly bodies. We use our knowledge of physics, chemistry, and geology to understand planets, stars, galaxies,and the Universe itself, and discuss some of the conditions that allowed life to form and develop. Planets and stars also serve as laboratories for conditions beyond human-built experiments and studying them increases understanding of sciences leading to conjectures about multiple universes and extra dimensions.

Hubble Deep Space View

Stellar Birth (Eagle Nebula)

Stellar Death (Remnant of 1604 Supernova)

  • SUGGESTED BOOK: No book is required. I recommend but but do not require Discovering the Essential Universe by Comins editions 4, 5 or 6.


  • Example Test 1
  • Example Test 2
  • Example Test 3
  • The NIU Observatory
  • Current Night Sky
  • Graph Paper for use in activities.
  • August 2017 Illinois eclipse path
  • Paths of recent total eclipses
  • Venus in 2017
  • Mars in 2015 and 2016
  • Mars in 2018
  • Jupiter in 2014-2018
  • Saturn in 2014-2022