PHYS 600 - Classical Mechanics, Fall 2012

Course url (this page):

Instructor: Dhiman Chakraborty

Class meets 1400-1515 hrs on mondays and fridays in FW 227

Office hours: 1100-1200, M+F in FW 220

e-mail: dhiman_AT_nicadd_DOT_niu_DOT_edu

phone: (815)753-8804, (630)765-2787

(try in this order, but do not leave message at the first number)

Prerequisite: PHYS 500 (or instructor's permission)

Textbooks: We will rely most heavily on the notes given in the class. No single textbook comes close enough to being a unique alternative to the notes. The following two are recommended and you should have access to the first one, at least, throughout the semester.
  1. Classical Mechanics (3rd edition)   by Herbert Goldstein, Charles P. Poole, and John L. Safko
    (Addison Wesley, 2001, ISBN-10: 0201657023, ISBN-13: 978-0201657029)
  2. Mechanics, Vol 1  (3rd edition)   by L. D. Landau & E. M. Lifshitz
    (Elsevier, 1976, ISBN: 0750628960)

General remarks
  • Visit the web page frequently. Homeworks and assignments, as well as any important announcement, will be posted here.
  • Take advantage of the office hours. Feel free to call/e-mail me anytime if you have an urgent question.
  • The best way to communicate with me outside the class and office hours is by e-mail.

Grading scheme (tentative):
  1. Homework: 50%,
  2. Class participation: 10%,
  3. Midterm exam: 20% (10/15/12)
  4. Final exam: 20% (12/10/12).