Of late, many people have shown interest in the development of energy-flow algorithms 
in the context of the next Linear Collider Detector. To bring them up-to-date with the 
available tools, and to focus the effort, the calorimetry and the software/simulation 
working groups of the ALCPG (American Linear Collider Physics Group) are organizing 
a joint workshop on LCD algorithms/software to be held Nov 7-9, 2002, (thu-sat) at the 
Northern Illinois University at DeKalb, IL (35 miles west of Fermilab). The workshop 
is sponsored by the Northern Illinois Center for Accelerator and Detector Development.

The goals of the workshop are to Broadly, the mornings of the first 2 days are reserved for talks, and the afternoons for interactive demos/tutorials, and exploration/discussions on what is presently available. The last (half) day is for discussions on future plans. Representatives from Europe will tell us about their perspective and to exchange views on the scope of international collaboration. We hope that the participants will come out of the workshop with a good and common understanding of the job at hand and some guidance on how to get started on it.

Registration is free, but required, so we can make necessary arrangements. We need a good estimate of head-count pretty soon. Those who are planning to participate are strongly encouraged to register by Oct 24.

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Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome. Hope you can make it. -- Dhiman Chakraborty, Ray Frey, Andre Turcot (for the calorimetry WG) Norman Graf (for the software/simulations WG)

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