Research Projects

Beam Physics and Astrophysics The Beam Physics and Astrophysics Group is developing tools to produce and accelerate intense charged-particle beams, and is investigating dynamical processes that influence the evolution of these beams. The Group also investigates galactic dynamics and matters concerning the large-scale structure of the Universe.
Argonne National Laboratory's Advanced Wakefield Accelerator
The Advanced Wakefield Accelerator uses a high-current, high-brightness electron beam to investigate innovative ways to accelerate electron beams efficiently. NICADD is contributing by finding ways to measure this beam accurately and control its quality. NICADD is also involved with other Argonne accelerator facilities, such as the Advanced Photon Source Injector Test Stand.
FNAL-NICADD Extruded Scintillator Project (FNESP)
NICADD and Fermilab collaborate at the Scintillator Detector Development Laboratory located at Fermilab.
Extruder facility was comissioned in summer 2003. It is available to other research groups.
Linear Collider Detector Development and High Energy Physics
The NICADD detector group is involved in the development of hardware and software for the future electron positron linear collider and also are participating in the D0 experiment at Fermilab.