PHYS 253 - Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics







Catalog Description:

Physical laws governing motion, force, energy, rotation, and vibration using calculus. Primarily for majors in the physical and mathematical sciences and engineering. One three-hour laboratory a week.


This course consists of lectures, demonstrations, an experimental lab, a problem-solving lab, and problem sets and quizzes. At the end of the course there is a comprehensive final exam covering all of the material. The lectures and labs are roughly organized over seven major themes or topics in which the student should gain proficiency:

  1. Measurement and Motion
  2. Vectors and 2-Dimentional Motion
  3. Force and the Laws of Motion
  4. Circular Motion and Gravity
  5. Conservation of Energy
  6. Conservation of Momentum
  7. Conservation of Angular Momentum


Last update September, 2006