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This web page provides access to input files for bem dynamics simulation of the FNPL photo-injector. Input files for Astra, Elegant, Homdyn, and LANL-Parmela are currently provided. Astra, Homdyn and Parmela are used for "usual" beam dynamics studies (distribution properties evolution), and Elegant for zeroth order optics (e.g. for orbit correction) and for the on-line model of FNPL (for tranfer matrix calculations).

Documentation on these beam dynamics software packages can be found here:

NOTA: The files correponds to settings that are meant to be illustrative: they are not the results of a thorough beam dynamics optimization.

Input file Trees

Nominal operating points
Below is a spreadsheeet that contains the measured location of beamline magnetic element and diagnostics (screens and beam position monitors). Reasonable assumptions for the nominal operation of FNPL:
  • laser time distribution: Gaussian distr. of 3 ps rms (short laser case); might be able to be increased to 10 ps FWHM by stacking four of the 3 ps Gaussian laser pulses (long laser case).
  • rf-gun max peak E-field: 40 MV/m
  • TESLA cavity max peak E-field: 25 MV/m (i.e. average acce. gradient of ~12.5 MV/m)

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