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FNPL Photo-Gallery: Bunker

This page contains pictures taken inside the FNPL bunker. Click on one of the photos to see a larger image. Or click on HR to see a high resolution image (not available for all images).

Prep Chamber RF Gun
Photo-cathode preparation chamber.(a)  HR (0.39Mb). RF Gun and focussing solenoids.(a)  HR (0.38Mb).
Optical Table Cryostat
Optical table for transport of laser to cathode.(b)  HR (0.58Mb). Cryostat for 9-cell superconducting cavity.(c)
Chicane Low-beta
Chicane dipole magnets.(a)  HR (0.24Mb). Low-beta section with quadrupole magnet triplets.(a)  HR (0.43Mb).
Goniometer Plasma chamber
Goniometer for channelling experiment and spectrometer magnet.(b)  HR (0.91Mb). Chamber for plasma experiment and beam dump.(a)  HR (0.47Mb).

(a) Taken in November 2000
(b) Taken in May 2000
(c) Taken in August 1998
Photographs by Fermilab Visual Media Services.

Updated 11 August 2001