A0 Beam Line

Fermilab NICADD Photoinjector Laboratory

The Fermilab NICADD Photoinjector Laboratory (FNPL) is an 18 MeV electron linac.  It produces a high-intensity, low emittance beam.  The principal components of the facility are a pulsed UV laser, a normal conducting RF gun with a cæsium telluride photo-cathode, a 9-cell superconducting cavity, a magnetic chicane, and a beam transport line.  The accelerator is used for studies in accelerator science, plasma wake-field acceleration, and channelling radiation.

The accelerator’s design is nominally identical to that of the TeSLA Test Facility (TTF) at DESY.  The RF gun for TTF’s second-generation injector was in fact designed, fabricated, and commissioned at the FNPL facility.  The 9-cell superconducting cavity being used at FNPL was provided by DESY.

The construction of the photo-injector was undertaken as a collaboration between Fermilab and

with the participation of visitors from

The FNPL facility is operated in partnership with the Northern Illinois Center for Accelerator and Detector Development at Northern Illinois University.

Photograph of the beam line by Fermilab Visual Media Services.

Updated Jan 26 2005