A digitization package
for the International Linear Collider
Dhiman Chakraborty, Guilherme Lima, Robert McIntosh, Vishnu Zutshi

The purpose of the DigiSim package is to do detector digitization, for the CALICE test beam as a first goal, and ultimately for the full ILC detector.  It is currently implemented as a standalone module, readily available for download and use.

The package reads the LCIO files produced by Geant4 applications (like LCDG4, Mokka or SLIC) and appends the raw hits produced to the output events. Most of the DigiSim (re)configuration can be done at run time editing an ASCII steering file, no recompilation is necessary.  The existing modifiers (digitization classes) are extremely easy to setup and configure, and new functionality can also be easily added.  DigiSim is thus very powerful, extensible and very simple to use and extend, it is well suitable for the simulation of CALICE test beam digitization.

DigiSim was originally developed in C++, and then ported to Java.  Since then, further development has been performed in the Java version, including modifiers for crosstalk and random noise modeling.  The java version has been reasonably stable since July 2005.  We expect these new developments to be ported back into the original C++ version in the next weeks, and then to keep both versions up to date with each other.

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